Halloween is fast approaching and it is easy to go green for this fun holiday! It doesn’t take much to get started, here are a few tips to take your Halloween from orange to green:


1. Reuse Reuse Reuse!
Throughout the year, keep an eye out for things that could replace decorations you have bought in the past. Old bed sheets can turn into ghosts. Styrofoam can easily be cut into whatever shape you like!
2. Make your own costume.
Keep around old clothing that could be turned into a costume. For example, old t-shirts, black shorts, any neutral clothing that can easily be painted or dyed. Shop at thrift stores! Thrift stores can hold treasures that can complete your Halloween costume. Get the kids involved with their own costumes. Let their imagination take the lead. If the costume has been worn and you see no further use for it, don’t throw it away. Take the costume to a local shelter, thrift-store, or daycare. Better yet talk to your friends and neighbors about hosting a costume swap for the next year!
3. Keep your fall parties green.
Stray away from plastic party cups. Instead, use dishwasher safe cups. If your party is too big for dishwashing to be realistic, consider using disposable cups with labels on them. This will limit the number of cups each party goer is using and disposing.

Mark your trash cans with a cute fall decoration that clearly label them as waste, recycle or compost. Make it easy for your guests to help you stay green! Again, reuse! Many Halloween decorations will still be usable the next fall. Gather your decorations in a bag or box and put them away. Next year you’ll be the first on the street with your Halloweendécor up!
4. Use the whole pumpkin.
Buy your pumpkins locally. If you’re a real go-getter, you can also choose to grow your own! As you begin to turn your pumpkins into Jack-o- lanterns, don’t throw away what’s inside! The seeds can be toasted and made into a great treat to enjoy after you’re done carving. You can also puree the remaining flesh of the pumpkin after removing the skin and use it in a yummy pumpkin pie or pumpkin muffins! As always, compost your produce.
5. Trick-or-Treat!
Use reusable bags for trick-or-treating instead of using plastic. This is another fun way to get the kids involved with decorating their own trick-or-treat bag that they can reuse the next year, and add to the decorations whenever they want. Another way to help your neighborhood stay green as your neighbors trick-or-treat is to put out a trashcan at the end of your drive or sidewalk. This will encourage trick-or-treaters to throw away the wrappers instead of throwing them on the ground.
6. Find or make eco-friendly treats.
This one is a little harder to find, but if you’re determined you can find organic candy that was made using sustainable energy. Look on the label to find out if they were created sustainably.

You can also find candy that uses biodegradable wrapping. If that is not available to you, try to use candy that has the least amount of packaging. If you can’t find these treats, try to buy local candy. This will not only stimulate the local economy but cuts down on fuel consumption and pollution.

If you’re feeling really bold, you can opt out of the candy game altogether. You could instead give colored pencils, small toys, or anything else fun that you can find at
the dollar store.


7. Fill Up to Trick-or-Treat around the Neighborhood with Purpose!
Pump with Purpose and feel good about your fill-ups for the fun Halloween night!