Summer is gone and fall is arriving! As the temperatures and season changes, here are some tips to keep you sustainable:


Team up to Tailgate. With fall comes football! During this football season, be aware of your energy usage. Did you know you can recycle solo cups? If you’re not using the infamous red cup, you can recycle the can as well! If you are hosting a tailgate or a watch party, make sure to have a visibly labeled recycling bin. This will reduce your waste each week as you cheer on your team.


Program your thermostat. This is as simple as it sounds… Almost all thermostats can now be programmed to your preference. By programming your thermostat, you ensure that when no one is home, you aren’t wasting your heat on an empty home. And vice versa, you can make sure to be heating your home when everyone gets home in the afternoons. This can be said for night and morning too! Set your thermostat lower when you are going to sleep and have it bumped up when you are waking up! This will not only save energy, but it will also save you money on the next power bill.

Leaf Mulch. During Fall, there are lots of fallen leaves. While the color change is beautiful, make sure you are properly disposing of the fallen leaves you rake up! When you rake up your leaves and put them into plastic bags, the bags are thrown into a landfill like normal waste. This is a problem because leaves actually decompose on their own! By putting them into the plastic bags, you do not allow them to decompose. Try using your leaves as mulch.  It will suppress weeds and create a barrier between the soil and heat, cold and wind. Here is a step by step guide to making leaf mulch. Leaf mulch takes a little bit of effort, but you will save money and keep plastic bags from being thrown into landfills! If you are not into the mulch idea, try raking your leaves and putting them on a tarp to take to the road instead of putting them in plastic bags!


Clean out your closet. Now that temperatures are starting to cool off, it is a great time to clean out your closet. Put summer clothes into storage and bring out your sweaters! While you’re putting away summer clothes, look through them. Is there anything you didn’t wear this summer or something the kids will grow out of by next summer? Donate those clothes to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army! Do the same thing while you bring out the fall and winter clothes. Is there anything you won’t wear or anything that won’t fit your kids anymore? This is a great time to give to those less fortunate.


Plant Trees! Fall is the best season to plant trees! This is because the fall rains help the trees and shrubs establish their root systems. When the air temperatures are cooler than the soil, new root growth is encouraged without new top growth. So, you might not see much growth on the visible plant, but there is a ton of growth happening under the surface. A strong root system is key to a healthy tree. Once the warmer temperatures and spring arrives, your tree will begin growing!


For the last sustainable measure this fall, fill up at The PRIDE Stores and Pump Here. Plant Trees.!